Digital coordination

We streamline the common meeting ground and create the greatest benefit with the smallest change

From planning to work environment coordination

When several companies work at the same workplace at the same time, they must work together to achieve a safe working environment and a efficient production. Production is prompted by planning that involves several parties.

Coordinative meetings may have several names for it, but the purpose is the same, working together to ensure a good working environment and prevent disruption. In an environment where several companies must maintain a consensus on the operations, extensive coordination is required. Today, coordination is handled in protocols and various planning tools. In addition to the ongoing coordination, there are other factors that must be maintained, such as participant lists, contact information and systematic follow-up of the cooperation as a function.

With digitized coordination, we create efficiency gains administratively within the practical tasks. The fastest way to achieve a common picture of the workplace’s conditions is to visualize it and its aspects. Our solution contain the keys to create this view in a multi purpose setup, you set the demands and configure the tools.

samporten illustration

There are recurring elements in the planning of building and construction work. Examples of such steps are collecting requirements and relationship documents, identifying stakeholders and establishing an initial risk list. Today, we can use technology’s opportunities to automate several aspects of planning to ensure a robust and long-term maintenance plan, but also to be able to prepare for faster efforts in the event of remedial measures.


In Samporten, we combine all aspects in a manageable interface that is easy to understand and accessible to the involved people.

Documentation management is an ongoing activity, then it is not enough that it is traceable. We use the technical documentation as a tool in Samporten to handle updates and to maintain the digital twin in the long term.