Save 25% in maintenance costs
with effective planning, work environment coordination and systematic improvements.

We pave the road to increased dependability for infrastructure and real estate.

operative coordination on your terms

Full overview of the facility

Manage the whole process from analysis to construction and maintenance in a user friendly interface with no required prior knowledge. We simplify the coordination with autonomous and visual tools right through your browser. You control the permissions and the responsible parties.


Functionality that meet the rules and regulations in a standardized solution to fit your industry. We refine existing data and create a common recognizability.


Planning and coordination with the right information in the right place. User friendly tools with less dependencies provides increased efficiency.


We collect necessary data for analisys and needs through automation in Samporten. We provide the technical support for short term and long term planning via simple connectors.

our mission

Digital coordination of common operating sites

Coordination in the early stage of planning is a part of the quality management system. In the ongoing managment of construction work and maintenance, we coordinate work to fulfill laws for working conditions in first hand. 

Regardless of how the own organizations routines and systems work, we are dependent on our cooperation with subcontractors and stakeholders.
We develop the solution that will save 25% of your operating costs, by simply optimizing the common meeting grounds and refining your existing data.

Operative management

Gather all the parties in your common working site and set the coordinative areas between the responsible parties. Link the valid rules and regulations and visualize the operation and the planned work

Project coordination

Get started quickly with the project. Identify risks, stakeholders and requirements effectively and keep the earned knowledge in the organizational memory.


Information security in Samporten is handled through permissions, secure data storage and intrusion protection. Flexibility through integration with trusted databases.

User-friendly handling

We map data and convert it into tools

A digital twin in itself is not the goal, but only an element that together with current guidelines and rules of conduct can be handled to create new values.
We map all aspects of the operating site and connect them to the platform, which activates practical tools for day-to-day operations and throughout the investment process. Then we reduce the gap between different phases, handover, and reception of the work.

What our clients say

Samporten has taken our production management to a new level. It feels assuring to be able to gather and establish all current rules that we have to follow to fulfill the requirements in the site. Samporten also helps us to develop our relationships with involved parties.

Loai Baroudi

Chief of faciilty operations, Bolego AB

Samporten is a huge improvement in our cooperative process on the operating site which we share with many others. To be able to read and use CAD files and plan our work through this web based platform saves a lot of time and resouces that we have engaged into repetitively searching for information. Finally we can move from time consuming meetings and focus more on solving the real problems!

Tobias Thydén

CEO, TSS Train Station Service AB


our solution

We refine information with digitized collaboration

Roles and communication

We map areas of responsibility and distribute them according to the relevant roles. When the work is planned, the need for coordination is triggered and the communication channels are identified.

Automated risk analysis

We connect all aspects of the workplace to a geographical location or specific object. When you mark your work area, you cross relevant aspects and conditions to consider.

General guidelines

Wherever you store your governing documents, we can connect them to a geographical area or installation/facility. Then we get a direct link between current rules and a location.

Standardized drawings

We use more properties in CAD and refine the data. With this, we build a standardized quality of the drawings and avoid scattered formats.

One standard for all standards

We affect the meeting place that the parties share and exchange information between different systems. In Samporten, we simplify the administration, rule compliance, and the systematic improvements.

Traceable and visual asset register

All assets and installations are made available from the original documents. Through integration, we can link all measures to the installations and follow the service life cycle.